Basic Philosophy:

People give to people. They also give to truly worthy, realistic yet inspiring causes. Be informed about what it is you are doing and whom you are doing it for. All aspects of fundraising rely on personal relationships. Don’t be shy; show how much you care about helping our brothers and sisters fighting HIV/AIDS. Through you, your sponsors will learn about our beneficiaries first hand, get further educated on HIV/AIDS in New Jersey, and understand why you and your teammates have taken on such an awesome challenge

We should never be afraid to ask for help in any form in support of our cause.

Fundraising Tips!

Fundraising is never easy and we do appreciate the time and effort you will be putting in to raise money for the New Jersey Ride Against AIDS. Upon registration for the Ride, you will receive a packet containing information about each of our beneficiaries, facts about HIV/AIDS in New Jersey, and pledge forms. Use this information to help in your fundraising. To get started, follow these steps:

Step One: Set a goal.

How much money do you need or want to raise? Individual riders are required to raise a minimum of $1500. Teams of four or more riders must raise a minimum of $1000 per rider. Crew members are not required to fundraise, but are encouraged to do so.

Step Two: Develop a plan.

Make a list of whom you will ask for a donation; friends, family, work colleagues, neighbors, business contacts, clubs and associations. Ask your boss! Many companies have matching gift programs. It is a tax efficient way for your company to give to charity and a way for you to reach your goal quickly. Will you be asking for donations face to face or will you be preparing a letter writing campaign. If you are mailing letters, don’t forget to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your sponsor to send in their pledge.

Step Three: Make a fundraising schedule.

Create a schedule of mailings, follow-up calls/mailings, and events. Time goes by quicker than you think. Plan to reconnect with potential sponsors if you haven’t heard back from them in 2-3 weeks. This can be done by a phone call or mailing.

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have children, or do your friends have children? Are you a member of any clubs or gyms? Get them involved in fundraising with you. Plan a simple fundraising event like a bake sale or car wash. Select a fundraiser that all group members can participate in and support.

Step Four: Start fundraising.

Ask absolutely everyone you know. Face to face is best. It’s more difficult for sponsors to say no if you are standing in front of them! Often they will pledge a set amount, so try and collect it there and then to save yourself time before the fundraising deadline.

SMILE! Be happy and never feel guilty about asking people to sponsor you – you are doing something extremely worthwhile. Remember to be excited and enthusiastic about the event, it really works!

Step Five: Be efficient and timely with your paperwork.

Please make sure all pledge donations arrive at the New Jersey Ride Against AIDS office accompanied by a pledge form with all necessary donor information before the fundraising deadline of September 1, 2012. This form is the only way to track pledges for each rider/crewmember. It is very important that the pledge form has the correct rider/crewmember number on it. It is also necessary for compiling information about our supporters for acknowledgment.

Step Six: Supporter participation.

Invite your sponsors to opening or closing ceremonies. It is a great way to show them where their money is going and also to get them involved.

Step Seven: Thanks.

We believe that all donations and fundraising help should be acknowledged in writing promptly after the Ride. We appreciate our sponsors and want them to know it. Please keep accurate records of your sponsors. You will be supplied with thank you cards to send to your sponsors after the Ride.

Copy the link below and paste it into fundraising emails:


Please contact your Ride Coach or Pat Sherman for additional help with fundraising.


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