Thinking About Participating in New Jersey Ride Against AIDS?

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You’ve probably thought about it a thousand times. The Ride. There is something there that calls you.

  • It may be because it sounds Big.
  • It may be because the route sounds Interesting.
  • It may be because you want to Make A Difference.
  • It may be because someone you Know and Love has suffered or died due to AIDS.
  • It may be because it’s a Challenge.

Whatever it is, it keeps coming back. Guess what. It’s not going away.

Almost everything that you’ve ever heard about the Ride is true. Its tough, its challenging, its fun, its inspiring, its amazing, and it can be a life-changing experience. If you have ever thought about doing a Ride, we invite you to consider New Jersey Ride Against AIDS: 3-days, 250-miles across New Jersey in the Fight Against AIDS.

What’s so special about the Ride? Lots of things. You’ll be challenged to accomplish things that you probably don’t think that you can do. But you will. You’ll be surrounded by people who didn’t think that they could. But they are. You’ll be part of an amazing effort to fight AIDS, and you’ll get to meet some of the most amazing people in the world. People who are out there, making a difference. You’ll also get to know someone new. You. Alive, powerful, and committed.

What It Takes To Do New Jersey Ride Against AIDS

What does it take to do the Ride? Simply this: “Yes”.

Like so many things in Life, it simply takes a Yes to make things happen. Its amazing what happens when we say “Yes”. Problems slip away. The impossible becomes possible, and the details of Life become just that – details.

Try this on. Say “No” and see what happens. See how the door slams shut? See how all the fears, uncertainty and doubt creep in? See how all that’s left are the normal four walls of your everyday life? It’s probably a great life, and those walls are probably decorated very nicely, but they are still just your four walls.

Now say “Maybe”.

OK. The door just cracked open. See that little bit of Light and Life on the other side? See how things suddenly seem a little bit more Interesting, a little more Possible? How you are curious as to what is on the other side?

Now say “Yes”. Don’t worry. Your Life will still be waiting for you. But notice as soon as you say “Yes”, how you just had to smile, how the World suddenly shifts, seems brighter and more interesting? You’re not sure what you said “Yes” to, but suddenly the door swings open and there is a whole New World outside, waiting to be discovered.

Now hold on. It’s going to be a great Ride!


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